SUMMER | 2014

Hi. I hope all is well with everyone. I'm telling everyone I know that I have a new band - The Sublimities. It's a guitar based instrumental Surf/Rock band with guitarist Jeff Booth, Chris Hooper on bass, and drummer Jeff Graham. We're about to release an EP in the coming weeks with shows to follow. I'm having a blast playing with these guys.
In honor of summer finally arriving in the Northwest, here is a 1963 Pyramids song we just recorded.
See you all out there soon ~Mark


Awesome Rock n' Roll weekend with the Sublimities this July.

Friday, July 18th
"Rust-o-Rama" Kickoff Party
Rockin' Rogers Parking Lot
Salem, OR

Saturday, July 19th
Brown's Towne Lounge 9pm
Salem , OR
The Sublimities play the Rust-o-Rama Afterparty.